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NeoAge AI

This software provides a comprehensive set of modern, multi-functional tools for processing large amounts of unstructured text information. The combination of tools allows you to solve non-standard analytical tasks to achieve your business goals.

NeoAge AI is software product of NeoAge LLC. company.

NeoAge AI dramatically saves manual labor, reveals threats, dependencies and patterns that are impossible for humans.

Information processing is based on computer linguistics (facts extraction, semantic, morphological, syntactic, pragmatic and other types of analysis), author's algorithms and techniques.

Key technologies

Multiagent Internet Crawler

collects documents from various online sources. Simulates the actions of a regular user. Able to work in a distributed multi-agent environment that provides high performance. Stand-alone product trade mark is Mentalis.Net.

Artificial Intelligence

is wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. AI is an interdisciplinary science with multiple approaches, but advancements in machine learning and deep learning are creating a paradigm shift in virtually every sector of the tech industry.

Text minings

Through text mining methods, we can extract knowledge from a huge array of information, devoid of a computer-friendly structure. NeoAge AI combines a large number of text mining algorithms and methods, including the proprietary TextAnalyst technology.

Recognition of named entities

The system is able to automatically find and extract phone numbers, individuals and legal entities, geographical locations and other types of objects in the text.

Big Data

specialized centralized data warehouse based on enterprise-level technologies. Allows to store huge volumes of variety data and provide them for your research.

Business process modeling

NeoAge AI supports BPM Camunda, Oracle, IBM executable processes and can be easily integrated into your enterprise systems.

Microservices Architecture

it is a world-wide recognized modern technology for accessing the functions of automated systems. NeoAge AI is fully compliant with microservice standards and provides access to them through the API.


The options for using NeoAge AI are as diverse as the vast range of tasks our customers have. Due to the flexibility of the system it is possible to solve as typical tasks:

  • Fraud Detection & Risk Managment
  • Business Growth Inflection Points
  • Recomendations Engine
  • Intention Analysis
  • Media Monitoring

as non-standard. Contact us to prepare an individual proposal for cooperation.



Use the NeoAge AI API features in your own automated systems. NeoAge AI is fully compliant with microservice standards and provides access to them through the API.


Custom analytical research

Use the power of NeoAge AI and our team for your own research.


Research & Development

This book proposes an approach to the analysis of information using a neural network based on neural-like elements and temporal summation of signals, which makes it possible to implement a structural approach to the analysis of information streams. Together with associative access to information, structural multilevel analysis enables the interpretation of information processing in columns of the cerebral cortex of humans. Using representations of information processing in the hippocampus, it is possible to re-construct the human model of the world and to interpret purposeful behaviour. The book describes the procedure for synchronizing the world models of various people, allowing automatic semantic analysis of unstructured text information, including construction of a semantic network of a text as its semantic portrait.


The TextAnalyst program for automatic semantic analysis of texts is a model of an artificial neural network based on neural-like elements with temporary summation of signals, which makes it possible to create a semantic portrait of a text (corpus of texts) in Russian, English, German (and, if necessary, in other European languages), as well as Chinese in the form of a homogeneous semantic network with weighted vertices and links. The semantic network is then used to compare texts by meaning, which allows automatic classification of texts, formation of an abstract of a text, formation of a topic abstract of a text, as well as associative navigation through a text with the capability of uploading contexts of any depth (from sentence to whole text).
The software solution has been well tested on many tasks, including those set in the Hague Center for Strategic Studies (TNO Defense, Security and Safety), and in the Library of Information and Educational Resources (LIER) in Moscow.


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